I dedicate this exhibition to Johan.

Johan wanted to be part of this work, but his ex-wife murdered him before such a thing could happen.

Rest in peace Johan. 

I read in a Finnish newspaper about a man who called the emergency center when he was abused by his wife. The man was first asked by the telephone operator "are you getting battered by a woman?” and then how much he weighs and what his wife weighs. The man was finally told by the emergency center that he should be able to sort out the situation on his own. The news article gave the idea for this work.

There is no doubt that violence against women is a serious problem, but what happens when the roles are reversed and the man is the victim? Do men in these situations tend to hesitate to ask for help and support because of cultural beliefs that dictate that a "real man" should not show emotions, but be strong if he wants to be seen as a "real man"? Can a man who is physically or mentally abused find it difficult to sometimes be taken seriously by the authorities?

The men participate voluntarily, some use supporting words to remember their story and others speak freely. The men are found through organizations and shelters for victims of domestic violence. I start from the men's words and stories and these are sewn onto fabrics that are placed on oak trees.The oak has a special symbolic value related to masculinity. The expression for a man “to be sturdy as an oak" is sometimes used as a traditional ideal for men to strive for.

Thanks to:
Akillesjouren, Ensi- ja turvakotien liitto, Horsens Krisecenter for mænd, Miessakit ry, Miesten asema.
Arts Promotion Centre Finland, The Central Association of Finnish Photographic Organizations, Finnfoto, The Kone Foundation, The Culture Fund for Sweden and Finland, The Culture Fund for Norway and Finland, Nordic Culture Point, Eugène, Elisabeth och Birgit Nygréns Foundation, Oskar Öflund's Foundation, The Finnish Cultural Foundation, The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, The Society of Swedish Literature in Finland,
The Council for Gender Equality (Tane).

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